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Children's Cupcake Decorating Parties

Children's Cupcake decorating parties suitable 8-12 years
Cost £160 for 8 children. £13 per extra child. At a venue of your choice.
Cost £180 for 10 children. £13 per extra child. At a venue of our choice.
The party last for approx 1hour 45minutes. 
What’s included:
  • 4  pre baked vanilla cupcakes per person
  • A gift box to take the cupcakes home in (so no need for party bags)
  • A small demonstration.
  • A variety of sprinkles.
  • Butter cream to top your cupcakes.
  • Sugar paste icing in a variety of colours for making decorative items
  • Relevant tools - rolling pins & cutters
  • Plastic disposable aprons to keep party clothes clean
  • Name cards
  • Cupcake certificate
 The party gives the children a chance to express their creative side and have a lot of fun wth their friends.
The children will leave with:
  • 4  decorated cupcakes in a gift box
  •  Cupcake certificate
  • Recipe sheet to make cupcakes at home (with an adult)
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